Tenant Isolation with CockroachDB

TPC-C schema
partition all tables via w_id ( warehouse id ) where id 0 to 33, 33 to 66 and 66 to 100 are 3 distinct tenants
Setting data placement and replication attributes for data ranges
CPU utilization
writes to range replicas on N5 and N9 which contain mirrors from N1
QPS per nodes N1,N5 and N9
Nodes n4, n8 and n12 host D tenants
Client average latency is 14 ms
  • Segregation of data with table / index partitioning, schema [ not used in this writeup] or databases
  • node locality settings to identify nodes
  • Zone configurations to map data to nodes
  • JDBC connection strings to specific nodes from application




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Andrew Deally

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